The social media network you own

The breakthrough in privacy for social media has arrived
Protect yourself, your children and your friends

meet the enclayve Block

No Advertising

No Tracking

Nothing Fake

No Subscriptions

100% Yours

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The world's first social media product that you own, not borrow

You have given up your right to privacy on the social media services you use.  Privacy laws will fail to protect you, but you can now protect yourself, your family and your friends.  You can do this!

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enclayve Block

The enclayve Block is a small box you own and keep safely in your home. Your social media data is stored solely on the memory card in your device.

enclayve App

A social media App that has all the features you would expect, but is private because all of the data it displays comes from your enclayve device or other devices of friends and your clubs and organizations.
"Actual privacy
is possible only when you have physical possesion of your data. Period."

— Dave Chura, Founder of enclayve

Ultimate privacy for your family.

Every picture and video of you, your children and your friends are stored safely on your enclavye device at your home. You physically have control over your data.