what about my other social media?

Can enclayve work with my social media?

enclayve and social media work together

and yet you can now keep your private life separate

Your choice!
You choose what to post privately to your enclayve network and what to post to your current social media. 

You can even use social media to invite  friends to join your private enclayve network!

You can control your family's privacy.

Learn why it matters and more about how enclayve is different from traditional social media platforms.

The enclayve Block

The enclayve Block is a small box you own and keep safely in your home. Your social media data is stored solely on the memory card in your device.

It is a completely self-contained social media network in a small device that you have in your home. This patent-pending security and integrity technology guarantees the data on your Block is available only to you and to those you invite into your network.

Easy to Setup

No Advertising

No Tracking

Nothing Fake